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Energy Conservation Measures & Renewable Energy

LED Lighting and COntrols

Lighting makes up approximately 23-27% of a hotel’ energy costs and switching to LED lighting can reduce these costs by 50-90% depending on the existing technology. An LED Retrofit may be a challenging task when one considers all the facets of the process.

Energy Sherpa provides a turn-key lighting solution that begins with:

  1. Onsite lighting assessment

  2. Specifications based on brand standards, guest experience, and rebate maximization

  3. Installation

We are manufacturer agnostic since each property’s needs are unique, so we purchase directly from manufacturers that produce Energy Star and Design Light Consortium approved products that are reliable and warrantied.

renewable energy

Once a hotel has reduced its energy waste and implemented energy conservation measures, Energy Sherpa may recommend Renewable Energy solutions if it is economical and matches ownership’s investment criteria.

Solutions include: Solar PV, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and Battery Storage.

Our vetted renewable energy partners have extensive experience in each of the renewable energy solutions and can be relied upon for flawless system engineering, construction and maintenance.

HVAC Controls

Heating and cooling can make up 38-40% of a hotel’s energy costs. With 90% of those costs coming from guest rooms, guest room HVAC is the largest energy expenses for hotels.

Energy Sherpa works with several manufacturers that have solutions designed to reduce the energy wasted in an unoccupied guest room. Based on each hotel’s HVAC system, available rebates and financial requirements, we will make our recommendations to achieve your goals.

Energy Sherpa has a variety of options available for hotels ranging from simple, yet effective EMS Thermostats that are standalone to cloud connected EMS Thermostats that provide more insight into usage and preventative maintenance and control.

electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

As each day passes, we are entering into the Electric Revolution. More auto manufacturers are unveiling new EVs each product cycle as Tesla’s success is creating new demand.

Energy Sherpa can help your hotel find the right EV Charging Solution that meets your needs. It is ever important to remain competitive with your competitive set of hotels to offer your guests an amenity that others are not offering. This will build loyalty of existing clientele and attract new customers.

Energy Sherpa works with multiple EVSE manufacturers to bring the appropriate solution to your hotel. We will help obtain any available rebates or grants to help reduce your net costs of implementation.

water efficiency

Energy Sherpa focuses on water conservation for hotels through the installation of ultra-high efficiency plumbing fixtures that result in tremendous water savings and expenditures for water, sewer and energy costs. We specialize in replacing inefficient toilets, showerheads and aerators with efficient alternatives that do not sacrifice the customer experience.

Incentive administration

Utility incentives are important when implementing energy conservation measures and renewable energy solutions for your hotel. Incentives vary by the utility and by the state, and require technical expertise in deriving projected energy savings on proposed solutions.

However, these incentives can significantly reduce upfront costs, potentially subsidizing a project by 50% or more.

Energy Sherpa is a preferred utility market partner with many utilities across the US and can manage the incentive administration process from identification of rebates through receipt of the rebate check. We have the technical expertise, experience, ad relationships to streamline this process for you and quickly and reliably obtain incentives to move forward on your energy strategy.