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Energy Procurement

The energy procurement process

Because energy spending is the 2nd highest operating expense for hotels, taking advantage of the lowest available rates for electricity and natural gas can cut energy costs significantly. Deregulated energy markets, which exist for electricity and/or natural gas in about half of the states in the U.S., provide companies with a choice from whom to purchase their energy from. For hotels in states with deregulated energy markets, energy procurement is an option to take advantage of the lowest rates available by buying from these suppliers, not just the utility and to reduce the risk of pricing volatility.

Energy procurement ensures budget security and eliminates the potential price volatility that may exist in the marketplace with the utility. Energy markets change constantly and through energy procurement, markets are monitored and reported to update clients in order to consistently understand energy markets and which options are the best available.

energy sherpa and procurement

Budget is an important factor in choosing an energy supplier but simply choosing the lowest rate available is not always the best option. Energy Sherpa’s procurement process will ensure that your energy supplier not only fits the needs of your company profile, budget, and area legislation but that it will be a credible, long-term option.

Energy procurement can be a complicated task, but working with Energy Sherpa will help. In order to see whether we can help with your energy supply rates Energy Sherpa offers a no cost, no obligation energy analysis. If it is found that you can benefit from energy procurement this begins the process of reducing energy costs and mitigating risk by assessing your company’s individual energy needs and strategically finding a supplier with the best eats and a contract with terms that fit your needs.