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Energy Benchmarking

Energy monitoring

Energy monitoring is an important first step in understanding your energy usage. Often times, energy consumption is wasted due to seemingly harmless over usage of existing equipment, but over time can add up to significantly wasted dollars. Without proper training, it is hard for existing staff and management to identify areas of waste and how to reduce expenditures.

Energy Sherpa will monitor and track regularly each hotel’s utility consumption and expenditures versus hotel occupancy and industry norms to help identify problem areas.

energy benchmarking

Energy benchmarking is progressively becoming mandatory is many states and cities. Currently, 20 states across the US have adopted benchmarking policy for public, commercial, and multi-family buildings and requirements for achieving performance targets or completing additional actions. See below for an updated list of locales with benchmarking policies.

Energy Sherpa helps hotels monitor, validate and report its energy usage to reporting agencies as required by legislature based on reporting requirements.